In Pictures: Kashmir copes with floods

Volunteers spring up across Srinagar city to help overcome worst flooding in century amid fear of disease outbreak.

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The floods in India-administered Kashmir have killed more than 200 people and have left tens of thousands homeless across the state, including in the capital, Srinagar.

Srinagar, a city of one million inhabitants, was completely submerged under water throwing life out of gear as main government buildings, including hospitals, were inundated with floodwater.

The army and the local residents have carried out rescue operations, while more than 150,000 people still remain stranded.

Emergency OPD has been set up on the lawn of a local mosque in the old city’s Nawab Bazar area by Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital. Some hospitals are now running out of medicine as they struggle to provide emergency services in makeshift medical centres.

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With the help of local volunteers, doctors have set up medical camps at different places across Srinagar.

There is a fear of outbreak of water-borne diseases in the Himalayan region, and the focus has now shifted to drain out the floodwater and provide clean drinking water to the people.

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