In Pictures: Ramadan in Aleppo

Syrian opposition fighters spent the holy month of Ramadan fasting while fighting regime forces.

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Aleppo, Syria - Fighters from the Free Syrian Army spent much of their time during the holy month of Ramadan fighting forces of the Syrian regime, and preparing to battle in Aleppo, which is controlled by the government. But the opposition fighters also gathered every evening to break their daily fast together.

Members of the Islamic Front, a group which its members said was "the largest brigade of the [FSA] in Aleppo", cooked beans, chicken and rice, and prepared salad, watermelon and drinks.

"We are working on the front-lines and fighting Assad's forces while we are fasting. We become tired, hungry, and thirsty but we remain steadfast against all odds and continue our fasting," an FSA fighter said.

Some Syrian muftis, Muslim legal experts, stated that it is permissible for fighters in Syria to eat and drink during Ramadan because they are fighting in a war. But the fighters in Aleppo were nevertheless fasting for 16 hours a day, from dawn to dusk.

"The fasting is making us stronger, so God will stand with us and grant us victory someday," a Syrian man said.

Khalid, a civil defence officer in Aleppo, said that Syrian government aircraft were dropping approximately 10 barrel bombs each day on the city and province of Aleppo during the holy month. "Aleppo became a mass of stones and rubble, but we didn't leave our homes because we have a hope that Bashar al-Assad and his regime will fall soon," a Syrian vendor said.

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