In Pictures: Malaria outbreak in Indian state

With more than 100 dead, India's northeastern Tripura state continues to battle outbreak of mosquito-borne disease.


India's northeastern landlocked Tripura state, which is surrounded by Bangladesh from three sides, has been battling a malaria outbreak that has claimed more than 100 lives, mostly tribal children.

The majority of deaths have been reported from remote areas which lack basic healthcare facilities. By the time the news of the deaths had reached the state administration, already more than 25 lives had been lost.

State health department officials have said that the epidemic has affected children already suffering from lack of immunity and malnutrition.

More than 180,000 people have fallen ill with malaria fever caused by certain species of mosquitoes breeding in water during monsoon season.

In the past two years the cases of malaria in the state have been negligible and so the state government was not well prepared, leading to a shortage of anti-malaria medicines.

Authorities had to procure medicines from outside the state to handle the current crisis.

Teams of specialist doctors along with healthcare staff are camping in the affected areas to conduct health checks.

Several makeshift hospitals have been set up as hospitals were overwhelmed with patients.