In Pictures: Tension and uncertainty in Egypt

Wary Egyptians face a stalled economy, civil rights violations and a tourism industry attempting to rebuild.

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Cairo, Egypt - After three years of violent protests, tension is still felt across Cairo between protesters supporting newly elected president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and those who do not.

Just days before Sisi's inauguration, a group of pro-Sisi supporters holding placards and flags in Tahrir Square seemed to have the blessing of security forces, while anti-Sisi protesters were hesitant to gather en masse. Strategic locations like metro stations, government buildings and universities had visible security presence established outside - men in black body armour and helmets were holding Kalashnikovs or long rifles. Security forces in other locations were more discreet. Behind a wall of the Egyptian Museum were several armoured vehicles with mounted machine guns, ready to quickly mobilise should the need arise.

This presence is not unknown to Egyptians. While some continue to protest and organise against Sisi, others have given up on politics.

Cairo residents continue with their lives but moving forward is proving difficult for many: A stalled economy, rampant civil rights violations and an absence of tourism have left many uneasy about their future.

While some Egyptians view Sisi as a promise for stability, others simply see him as the only option available. The following photos were taken during the week of Sisi’s inauguration and capture the atmosphere of tension and uncertainty surrounding Egypt’s future.

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