In Pictures: Spain coronates new King

Spain's new King Felipe VI has replaced his father who abdicated the throne two weeks ago.

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Spain's new King Felipe VI was coronated on Thursday morning in a low-key ceremony in front of his family and lawmakers at the Congress of Deputies. King Felipe VI has succeeded his father Juan Carlos I after he abdicated the throne two weeks ago.

Wellwishers crowded the streets of Madrid following the path of the march of the new monarch, cheering King Felipe and Queen Letizia.

From the balcony of the royal palace, Felipe VI addressed a crowd of supporters waving Spanish flags. The 46-year-old began his reign with the words: "This is the start of a renewed monarchy for a new time." The economic crisis, republican sentiments and the threat of an independent Catalonia are among the new king's top challenges.

Although the government delegation in Madrid banned pro-republican demonstrations during King Felipe's coronation day, some anti-monarchy protesters showed up in the streets following the path of the royal march. At least three protesters were detained by police.

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