In Pictures: Severe flooding in Bosnia

Maglaj, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been especially hard-hit by flooding in the region.


Maglaj is a small town in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. On May 16, the city was hit by severe flooding and thousands of people were trapped in their houses. Some were forced to evacuate from their rooftops.

A visit to Maglaj two days later revealed not just the mud that the Bosna River left behind - but also the strength and will to carry on by people who were suddenly left with nothing.

The first goal after the flooding was to save lives. But now, in Maglaj the citizens are trying to clean the area as fast as possible in order to avoid infections and diseases. They are supported by volunteers from around the country.

On May 18, three buses full of students from Sarajevo arrived to clean the houses, streets and buildings. Volunteers teamed up to remove wet, dirty furniture from flooded homes. Without water and electricity, this proved to be a difficult task.

Given the severe damage, Maglaj and other flooded areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina will likely need a helping hand for months to come.