In Pictures: Holi celebrations in Bangladesh

Millions in the Indian subcontinent, including Bangladesh, celebrate the festival of colours with great fervor.


Holi is the festival of colours, fun and frolic and is celebrated by millions of Hindus in the Indian subcontinent to welcome the spring.

An ancient Hindu festival, Holi is marked as a triumph of good over evil, and has become popular among non-Hindu populations in South Asia.

In Bangladesh, many members from the Muslim community also join their Hindu neighbours to celebrate the festival by smearing abeer (a coloured powder) and spraying water colours on each other.

Students at universities and colleges in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, and elsewhere get drenched in colour, singing and dancing together.

For the Hindu community, who constitute about 10 percent of the population, this festival brings a message of unity and friendship and helps in bridging the communal divide.

People forget about the caste barriers, as riot of colours acts as a great leveler, keeping the true spirit of Holi.

The Hindu community in Wari near Dhaka colour their faces with blue depicting the Hindu god Krishna.