The week in pictures

From protests in Jerusalem, Bosnia and Kiev, to the Winter Olympics and the stage reunion of the last surviving Beatles.


Correction: An earlier version of this gallery (dated February 10) included a photo of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with a caption stating that he ordered the executions of Hashem Shaabani and Hadi Rashedi. This is inaccurate, and the photo has been removed. In Iran, it is the country's judiciary, not the executive, that is responsible in cases of capital punishment.

In response to the original version, the Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran sent a statement to Al Jazeera denying that the president issues execution orders. "Mr. Hassan Rouhani is not responsible for giving orders in execution issues in Iran. These cases are under the authority of the judiciary. The president respects the separation of powers in his country," the statement said.

 Al Jazeera apologises for the error.

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