Eyes of Nuba

A look at a largely forgotten conflict in Sudan's isolated Nuba Mountains.

Nuba Reports | | War & Conflict, Africa, South Sudan, Sudan

The genocide in Sudan's Darfur region has made global headlines since conflict began there in 2003. Humanitarian organisations took action, aid poured into the region, and Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir became the first sitting head of state to be indicted by the International Criminal Court.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring province of Southern Kordofan - and particularly in the Nuba Mountains - a similar catastrophe was underway. Yet nobody seemed to know about it.

It is extremely difficult to reach the rugged and isolated Nuba Mountains. The United Nations and NGOs left the region when fighting began in 2011 because the Sudanese government could not, or would not, guarantee their safety. Few non-local journalists have ventured in, and little information trickles out to the outside world.

But in the middle of this largely forgotten war, one group of citizen journalists is determined to make the world take notice. Instead of taking up arms, they take up cameras - and tell the story of a war hardly anyone has heard of.

Watch more in the Al Jazeera film: Eyes of Nuba

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