In Pictures: Afghanistan's disabled

People with disabilities continue to face major challenges, including negative attitudes from society.


Based on the Social Protection Strategy and the National Risks and Vulnerability Assessment, one of the "Priorities at Risk Groups" in Afghanistan is represented by Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). These people continue to undergo hefty challenges: no access to public services, negative attitudes from society, unemployment and physical accessibility are just some of the hardships. To improve this situation, disability needs to be given a high priority in all policies of the government, private sector and civil society; and monitored for implementation. Providing direct enablement support to PwDs is another priority. 

In Afghanistan 2.7 percent  of the total population have very severe disabilities that call for the implementation of urgent policies and interventions. From a severity point of view, if other categories of disabilities are added, this rate increases to well over 15 percent, as indicated in the 2011 World Health Organization disability report.