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Arabian Drag Racing League

Drag racing league in Doha, attracting over 120 participants, where speeds reach 340kph in just over 3.5 seconds.

Faras Ghani |

The Arabian Drag Racing League, organised by the Qatar Racing Club, is now in its sixth season, attracting over 120 participants from all over the globe.

Divided into 11 categories, the league goes on for six rounds and the driver atop the standings for each category after the final round is awarded a trophy and a $28,000 cash prize.

“We are the biggest drag racing league outside of the US which is why we manage to attract the best drag racers from around the globe,” QRC spokesperson Khalid Arif told Al Jazeera.

With the fastest cars reaching speeds in excess of 340kph - in just over 200 metres - the league is hugely popular among drag-racing fans who make the journey to Doha’s industrial area to catch a glimpse of the hugely modified vehicles.

And there is plenty of burning-rubber smell and deafening engine noise too..

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