In Pictures: Troubled paradise of Kashmir

Kashmir's inherent beauty remains undiminished despite years of conflict that has swept the region.


Picturesque Kashmir has often been described by many as a "Paradise on Earth". 

Years of conflict in the Indian-administered region has in no way diminished its inherent beauty.

Ringed by snow-capped mountains and dotted with undulating valleys where a million flowers bloom, Kashmir has retained its charim despite an unresolved dispute between India and Pakistan over the region.

Since 1989, when an armed separatist uprising broke out, Kashmir has been more in the news for the violence and resultant deaths. Its natural unmatched beauty has taken a backseat in public consciousness.

However, beyond the news headlines, both Kashmir and the Kashmiris - residents of the region - continue to enthral those who decide to take a closer look. Both people and the place have a touch of being pristine.