In Pictures: A Garissa tale

Kenyan-Somalis offer an insight into the daily challenges they encounter.


Kenya is home to 42 tribes. One of those is Somali. Kenyan-Somalis make up around five percent of the population – making them the sixth-largest tribe in the country.

Distinct from them, however, are non-Kenyan Somalis who have fled the civil war in Somalia. The Dadaab refugee camp on the border of the two countries holds most of them but there are many in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and its North Eastern Province, whom the government periodically rounds up.

In the North Eastern Province's Garissa county, Kenyan-Somalis offer an insight into their lives and the challenges they encounter, from border security to drought.

For more on the struggle between ethnicity and nationality facing Kenyan Somalis, watch Not Yet Kenyan


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