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In pictures: A ceasefire in Myanmar?

Rebel groups and the government met in northern Myanmar this week to hold peace talks.

Andre Malerba, Lauren DeCicca |

Myitkyina, Myanmar - Representatives of Myanmar's rebel groups and the central government met on November 4 and 5 to discuss a new, nationwide ceasefire agreement. 

The next discussion is slated for December 2013, but both parties agree that three points need to be addressed in order for any political agreements to be reached: a nationwide ceasefire, establishment of a framework for political discussion, and the holding of political dialogue.

The general mood seems hopeful in terms of reaching a nationwide ceasefire. Most minority groups here primarily want greater autonomy. However, internal conflict in Myanmar has continued since its independence in 1948. There have been 35 ceasefire agreements since 1989 aimed at specific regions, and the fact that land disputed by the government and various armed groups is home to valuable resources could yet complicate the peace process.

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