In Pictures: Good wins over evil on Dussehra

Effigies of the mythological demon king Ravana were burnt on Sunday to mark the Hindu festival in India.


The good has just won over evil in India.

Hindus across the country on Sunday celebrated Dussehra by burning effigies of the mythological demon king Ravana in a symbolic gesture of vanquishing the bad.

Thousands attended the festivities that took place at Red Fort Ground in the capital New Delhi and elsewhere.

According to Hindu mythology, the demon king Ravana was defeated by Hindu god Rama on this day.

The victory is re-enacted in open spaces across the country by burning the effigies of Ravana, his son Meghnad and brother Kumbhakarna. The effigies are stuffed with firecrackers and when they are set alight, it makes for a very noisy spectacle.

This year, a fourth effigy was added in New Delhi: to destroy evil forces behind a recent spurt in crimes against women in the country.

Last year, the fourth effigy symbolised corruption.

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