Kashmir: Women of conflict

Photo essay on women of Kashmir, where an ongoing conflict has exacted a heavy toll.


Women in Indian-administered Kashmir have been subjected to great sufferings since a separatist uprising broke out the region in 1989.

Many of them have been widowed, displaced, tortured, raped, and jailed. Some have also had their sons killed in the ongoing conflict.

Even the girl child has not been spared, many of whom have been orphaned. 

India claims Kashmir to be an integral part, but Pakistan also lays claim over the territory. The two neighbours have fought two wars over the territory. 

Because of the continuing turmoil, women in Kashmir are forced to undergo immense hardships. It is no easy life, but then these women have braved the challenges stoically.

This photo essay catalogues the daily life of Kashmiri women -- from those pelting stones at Indian troops to those mourning the dead, and those on the lookout for relatives who disappeared in course of the unresolved conflict.