Germany's election campaign draws to a close

Voters in the European Union's most populous nation head to the polls on Sunday.


Berlin, Germany - The so-called "hot phase" of the country's election campaign comes to an end today. Tomorrow, tens of millions of Germans will choose among 34 parties and 2,705 candidates to serve in the Bundestag, or federal parliament.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has portrayed her party as the sensible choice to continue Germany's economic prosperity. Her rivals on the left, however, say her government's policies have led to inequality, and call for greater social justice.

Meanwhile, Alternative for Germany, a new anti-euro party, hopes to win at least five percent of the vote and make it into parliament for the first time. And Merkel's coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party - which has seen its support plummet since 2009 - is striving to avoid getting wiped out of the Bundestag altogether.

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