In Pictures: The front lines of Taksim Square

Makeshift barricades and fireworks were not enough to stop police from arresting dozens, including medics and minors.


Istanbul, Turkey -  During the day-time, protests in Turkey's largest city have been comparatively  peaceful in the last week but after sundown, confrontations between police and protesters have been more heated. The epicenter of these clashes has been at Taksim Square and Beshiktash Stadium, in the heart of Istanbul.

As night settled on Tuesday, thousands gathered in front of the stadium. Police used water cannons and tear gas, forcing people to flee towards Taksim. Afterwards, they stormed a nearby area and arrested more than 30 people. Protesters claim that plainclothes police detained and physically assaulted people. The protesters include leftist coalitions, football clubs, dissatisfied youth, and secularists.

Some demonstrators have ripped up streets, street signs, and even bus shelters to create makeshift barricades.