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In Pictures: Syria's young refugees

About 1.6 million people from Syria have escaped its devastating civil war so far, and about half of them are children.

Moises Saman |

Among the Syrian refugees located in camps in Jordan and Lebanon, children are particularly hard hit. A high perecentage of child fatalities occur while en route to escape the war in Syria.

While on this perilous journey, juveniles are often separated from their parents and left to die in the rugged terrain. Refugees describe this voyage as "death journey", according to NGO Save the Children.

"Death journey" consists of hiding from snipers and shelling, ventures into extreme weather without shelter, and desperate measures for nutrition, such as licking moisture from grass.   

All across the Middle East - including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey - there are currently 1.6 million people from Syria who have escaped its devastating civil war. In the past three months, nearly 600,000 refugees have fled, and the total number is expected to reach two million by the end of summer.

The children who managed to escape often lack access to schools and safe places to play, and are frequently living in cramped, overcrowded conditions.

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