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In pictures: Scenes from Mali

Meet a nation struggling for an ordinary life while caught amid war and international diplomacy.

George Henton |

Bamako, Mali - Despite the constant reminders of an ongoing war in the North, daily life in Bamako and in many of Mali's other major cities continues, for the most part, as normal.
Yet political turmoil and fears that recent military victories may be short-lived have ensured that the mood in the West African country remains cautious. While French and Malian forces have made rapid advances, the threat of a conventional war turning into a shadowy insurgency looms over the population.
Regardless, a recent visit by French President Francois Hollande, and a victory by the Malian football team to secure a semi-final spot in the Africa Cup of Nations, have lifted the mood greatly across the country. 
The following photos reflect a population caught in the middle of international diplomacy, war and everyday life.

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