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Afghanistan: Holding the line

What are the challenges facing the Afghan army as it prepares to take over responsibility for the country's security?

John D McHugh |

As the 2014 withdrawal draws closer, and the US-led coalition prepares to hand power over to the Afghanistan National Army (ANA), filmmaker John D McHugh spent nearly a month in Afghanistan looking at the ANA's training in Kabul and in Helmand. What he found was an infantry army ready to fight, but a belief amongst those soldiers that they lack the equipment and logistics to hold the line.

Nepal: The Maoist dream

Nepal: The Maoist dream

Nepal's bloody civil war ended in 2006 when a Comprehensive Peace Accord was signed between the Maoist rebels and the Nepali state in Kathmandu. Many people have disappeared or got killed during the war. Al Jazeera tells this story through the eyes of the Nepali people.

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