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In pictures: Tunisians protest rape trial

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Tunis to protest the trial of a raped woman now accused of indecency.

Rabii Kalboussi |

The trial of a woman who says policemen raped her, and is now being accused of indecency, has drawn a crowd of protestors in Tunis on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old woman says three police officers stopped her in a car last month, and one of them held her fiance back while the other two raped her.

The police officers deny the charges, alleging that the woman in question was engaged in immoral behaviour with her fiance when they stopped her.

The case has drawn nationwide attention as the governing Islamist-led coalition endeavours to write a new constitution, leading many to question how it will define women’s rights.

Hundreds of protestors gathered today at the central Tunis courthouse in a show of support to demonstrate their indignation and uphold the rights of Tunisian women.

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