In Pictures: Venezuela's political graffiti

Even after the death of President Hugo Chavez, "El Comandante's" legacy looms large in Caracas' urban environment.


Despite his death, the memory of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is still a defining facet of street art in Caracas. 

With presidential elections set for April 14, Nicolas Maduro, Chavez's chosen successor, is facing off against opposition challenger Henrique Capriles. 

"All of the prophecies of Hugo Chavez, the prophet of Christ on this earth, have come true," Maduro said during a recent election rally. The former bus driver holds a significant lead over Capriles in opinion polls. 

For his part, Capriles has tried to separate the legacy of Chavez from Maduro's campaign. "Nicolas, you are not Chavez!" Capriles said recently. 

Across Caracas, however, images of the former socialist president are still omnipresent.