More misery for the Philippines

Kai-Tak has now cleared Luzon, but is strengthening as it heads towards southern China.


Tropical Storm Kai-Tak slammed into the Philippines on August 15, causing yet more flooding.

The island of Luzon was still reeling from two weeks of torrential rains which had lead to the deaths of nearly 100 people.

The worst of the weather from Kai-Tak is now over for Luzon, but the storm is still strengthening as it edges across the South China Sea. It has now developed into a typhoon, and is expected to make landfall in southern China on Friday 17 August, at approximately 6 GMT.

Hong Kong and Macau will both see heavy rain from the outer fringes of Kai-Tak, but the eye of the storm is forecast to hit the western parts of the Guangdong province.