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In Pictures: Israeli embassy attacked

Hundreds are injured as protesters and security forces clash during attack on Israeli embassy in Cairo.

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Protesters have stormed a building housing the Israeli embassy in Cairo after tearing down one of the outer walls.

Thousands of documents were thrown from the embassy's windows, while the Israeli flag was replaced with the Egyptian flag by angry demonstrators.

At least 20 people were detained and more than 1000 were injured as Egyptian security forces clashed with the protesters.

1) Crowds use a lamp-post to tear down the outer wall of the Israeli embassy, managing to partially destroy the wall [EPA/Mohamed Omar]


2)  Up to 1,000 protesters were outside the Israeli embassy; around 30 entered the building after breaking down the wall [EPA/Mohamed Omar]


3) Clashes between security forces and demonstrators resulted in hundreds of people being injured [Reuters]


4) There were clashes between police and protesters, who torched several police vehicles [EPA/Mohamed Omar]


5) Hundreds of Egyptian soldiers backed by armoured cars were rushed to the embassy district, as the interior ministry declared a state of alert [EPA/Mohamed Omar]


6) As protesters entered the building, Israel's ambassador, Yitzhak Levanon, his family and staff left the country to return home [EPA/Mohamed Omar]


7) For the second time in a month, the Israeli flag was torn down by a demonstrator who entered the embassy compound [EPA/Mohamed Omar]



Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

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