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In Pictures: Women of Gaza
The lives of Palestinian women under siege in the Gaza Strip are documented in photography.
Last Modified: 06 Jul 2011 13:21

Despite the devastation Palestinians of the Gaza Strip have faced due to the ongoing Israeli siege and occupation, an elegant community spirit prevails. Life continues, as do traditions and self-respect - resistance to suffering has become standard. Women are continuing to care for their families, striving for education and pursuing careers. This is a look at the everyday lives of women in Gaza.

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1) Young women attend an exercise class organised by the Women's Charitable Society, a Hamas-funded organisation based in Gaza [Tanya Habjouqa]


2) In the Gaza City home of Dr Jamal Shareef, a literature professor at Al Azhar University, his 16-year-old niece (R) shows pictures of her fiancé [Tanya Habjouqa]


3) A young girl from the Rafah refugee camp takes a study break on the beach [Tanya Habjouqa]


4) Moemen Faiz, a photographer, sits with his new wife, Deema Ayideh, at the couple’s home in Gaza. Faiz was injured during Israel's assault on Gaza in the winter of 2008-09, and was later flown to Saudi Arabia where he received treatment. The two fell in love when Ayideh, a journalist, interviewed Faiz at the hospital, and they married soon after [Tanya Habjouqa]


5) High school students enjoy a field trip on the Mediterranean Sea off the Gazan coast [Tanya Habjouqa]


6) A woman enjoys a run along the seafront, a practice she steadfastly insists on enjoying, despite the stares of surprised fishermen and male beachgoers [Tanya Habjouqa]


7) Huda Nae'm, a Hamas lawmaker in Gaza, plays at home with her children [Tanya Habjouqa]


8) Journalist and outspoken Hamas critic, Asmaa Al Ghoul, plays with her son [Tanya Habjouqa]


9) A farmer sits in her fields, north of Gaza City [Tanya Habjouqa]


10) While these medical students at Al Azhar University of Gaza dream of furthering their studies abroad, they want to practice medicine in Gaza once qualified [Tanya Habjouqa]


11) A woman prays while on break from a sewing class organised, part of the Women's Charitable Society's 'economic empowerment for women' initiatives [Tanya Habjouqa]


12) A newly married couple relax at the beach on a cool autumn's day in Gaza [Tanya Habjouqa]


13) High school students play on Facebook after completing homework - online social networking is becoming increasingly popular for youth in Gaza to connect with others outside the territory [Tanya Habjouqa]


14) A family in Gaza City enjoys a picnic on the beach, one of the few options left to most families in Gaza unable to escape the suffocating siege [Tanya Habjouqa]
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