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In Pictures: Tensions bubble in east Ukraine
Pro-Russia separatist fighters refuse to disarm despite an agreement by the US, EU, Russia and Ukraine.
Political divisions are forgotten as New Year is celebrated with a wet and wild nationwide water fight.
Egyptians mourn in Aswan after several days of clan fighting earlier this month left 23 people dead and 40 injured.
Palestinians were met with Israeli indifference during march to commemorate 66th anniversary of Deir Yassin massacre.
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Ancient city will see BJP's Narendra Modi and AAP's Arvind Kejriwal face off on May 12 at end of India's polling.
In the first three months of the year, 10,962 migrants made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy.
Muslim Rohingya are excluded from political representation as a result of not being counted.
From wildfires in Chile to a robotic football match in Iran, Al Jazeera showcases the week in images.
More than 3,000 runners from 39 countries ran in the second annual 'Right to Movement' marathon in Bethlehem.
Brigade of dhobis or washermen in capital New Delhi work overtime to maintain clothes of leaders on campaign trail.
Haitians celebrate Carnival through "Rara", a musical genre used for street processions and festivals.
Man-animal conflict is on the rise in the Indian-administered region with losses on both sides.
Workers in Mali's small-scale gold mines toil long hours in dangerous conditions for little pay.
Pro-Russian units say they are maintaining order in the breakaway region, but they have been accused of abuses.
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