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In Pictures: Iraqi schools closed to students
Children are unable to begin classes as thousands of displaced Iraqis seek shelter in schools across the Kurdish region.
The deadliest terror attack in modern Russia's history led to the deaths of 334 hostages, more than half children.
Inspired by Gaza's free runners and traceurs, parkour is making inroads in India-administered Kashmir.
As Global Water Week kicks off in Stockholm, world's second most populous city, New Delhi fights for water every day.
Nine years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the US' Gulf Coast, New Orleans still struggles to recover.
Palestinians welcomed a long-term ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas, which put a stop to seven weeks of bombings.
Traditional art suffers as widows in Kashmir conflict are paid by the government at less than the cost of wool.
For many former prisoners, life outside of prison is fraught with difficulties, including joblessness and social stigma.
Irom Sharmila's release has once again put focus on extra-judicial deaths at hands of army in northeastern Indian state.
An estimated 1.5 million children living on streets are vulnerable to sexual abuse and drugs on daily basis.
Young men and women are hooked to third-grade heroin mixed with rat poison, detergents and HIV/AIDS medicine.
The Wat Tham Krabok monastery is Thailand's largest free drug rehabilitation facility.
Palestinian shops are removing Israeli products from their shelves to protest Israel's military assault on Gaza.
Human rights groups have condemned the 2013 killings of anti-coup protesters in Cairo as 'a crime against humanity'.