Humanitarian crises

South Sudan: 'There are only dead bodies'

South Sudanese who have fled to Uganda - escaping rape, murder, assault and torture - share their stories.

Middle East

Why chlorine gas was used in Syria's civil war

Syria's chlorine problem: the human toll of chlorine attacks in six years of civil war.

Syria's Civil War

The voices missing from Syria's peace talks

As negotiations on the war in Syria resume in Geneva, civil society groups say their voices are not being heard.

Muslim Ban

How Arab airlines are mocking Trump's electronics ban

Arab carriers use electronics ban for clever marketing ads, garnering thousands of clicks and reactions online.

Middle East

Hassan Fathy: Egypt's architect of the poor

Fathy believed architecture was for the people. He designed houses to meet the needs of the families living in them.


Why do Muslims seek Hollywood's validation?

Colonised minds drove Muslims to celebrate Lindsay Lohan's possible conversion, while they ignored Terry Holdbrooks Jr.