Edson Dias, 46, photographer 

[Karen Dias/Al Jazeera]

I haven't followed the US elections on TV because I don't watch television, but I have been following it through online news publications and social media since Bernie Sanders was in the news, and I wish he was given a ticket. After the WikiLeaks scandal, I would rather vote for someone who will build walls in his own backyard than invade other countries like the US did in Libya and Syria.

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The mainstream media and big corporations have been backing Hillary, so I think she will win these elections and things will only get worse for foreign policy under her administration. In these elections, one has a big mouth and the other has a devious brain, so it's going to be tough.

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I began following the elections because it was entertaining, but it's not a joke any more. Trump and Clinton are like two toes on your foot, and voters have to decide which toe to cut off. Americans will be walking funny for a long time after these elections.

Source: Al Jazeera