Afghan vote brings hope, optimism

Afghanistan voters are upbeat about their candidates and about positive changes for the war-torn country.

Last updated: 05 Apr 2014 11:42
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Millions of Afghans are casting their ballots for the country's next president [Bais Yousufi/Pajhwok Afghan News]

Kabul, Afghanistan - Millions of Afghans have cast their ballots to pick the country's next president, with only isolated attacks on polling stations reported in the country's first democratic transfer of power in its 5,000 year history.

After months of manoeuvring, jockeying, tribal meetings and campaigning, Ashraf Ghani AhmadzaiAbdullah Abdullah and Zalmai Rassoul have emerged as the frontrunners in Saturday's polls, coming from a field of eight candidates that includes everyone from former mujahedeen commanders to Western-educated technocrats.

Below are what a few Kabul residents think of the vote. 

Halen Jan, student
[Bais Yousufi/Pajhwok Afghan News]

"I feel incrideble, I voted for my favorite candidate. If he wins I am sure he will make sure our dreams come true. We are waiting for the results of the elections. I hope no one interferes in our elections and damages the [electons] transparency. I hope my favourite candidate win the election."

Hamid Poya, worker
[Bais Yousufi/Pajhwok Afghan News]

"I waited many hours to cast my vote - this shows my hope. As a young Afghan, I am indeed hopeful for my future, All Afghans should vote for their ideal president and provincial council member. I hope a president will come and lead this country who is perfect. [Even though] we suffered a lot, we should bring changes by selecting a perfect leader for our beloved country." 

Mohammad Khan, retired
[Bais Yousufi/Pajhwok Afghan News]

"This election really makes me hopeful about my future and my country’s future; I voted to assure my children’s future. This is an historic day for all Afghans. I urge all Afghans to participate in this historic event.  My message to the Taliban is that they must stop intimidating people. Afghans are not scared and thousands of them are voting right now".

Shakila, house wife

[Bais Yousufi/Pajhwok Afghan News]

"My name is Shakila, Today, I voted for my ideal president and provincial council candidates. This election gives me lots of hope for the future of my country; I cast my vote in order to assure myself and my children’s future. This is the first time in our country that a president transfers his power to another one through elections. We have never felt such happiness as I feel now, because I chose my president by my own desire and with a free choice." 

Shayesta, house wife

[Bais Yousufi/Pajhwok Afghan News]

"I am very hopeful for the future of my children and my country. I have voted for a president and I am sure he is the one who will fulfill my hope. As an Afghan woman, I ask all my country women to come toward the voting center and vote for a president who can assure your dreams and hopes for your future." 

Wahab Den, student

[Bais Yousufi/Pajhwok Afghan News]

"This was my dream to vote for my favourite candidate - I am sure the candidate who I casted my vote for will assure my future. I hope that candidate wins the election and I believe if he wins my dream and hope will come true".







These Vox Pops were provided exclusively to Al Jazeera by Pajhwok Afghan News


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