Bangladesh proposes expelling 270,000 Rohingya
Official government document reveals undocumented Rohingya could be put in temporary camps, then sent back to Myanmar.
Some 473,000 Ukrainians have been displaced as fighting continues - nearly double from two months ago, UN says.
New government report fails to address allegations of torture complicity and MI5 harassment of Lee Rigby's killer.
Cheap method of refracting sunlight, lights up poor homes and schools and provides solution to recurrent power cuts.
Proposed expansion would triple tar sands capacity and endanger British Columbia's coastal waters, critics say.
Renee Lewis
Black teen's killing fits into a narrative of deep-seated race problems in the US that stretches back to slavery era.
Sea change in US attitudes over marijuana's legality under way, but opponents say pot laws not up in smoke just yet.
Artists say plans to bulldoze celebrated colony where they live could leave them homeless and damage Indian culture.
Analysis: Decision to extend nuclear talks with Iran raises a host of new concerns about a successful resolution.
Barbara Slavin
'Ethical' banking surges after big banks lent out $16bn for coal, oil and gas projects in Australia since 2008.
Hina Bhat is running for elections in Indian-administered region with party linked to Hindu nationalist ideology.
New social security programmes targeting tens-of-millions of the country's poorest are the largest in the world.
Debutante ball hosted by Rio de Janeiro's Police Pacification Unit turns girls into princesses for a day.
Flora Charner
Shunning white-collar jobs, young entrepreneurs are reclaiming and rebuilding the country's agricultural sector.
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