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In Pictures: Kathmandu's $20m facelift
Nepal's government launches a $20m beautification project for the capital ahead of the South Asian summit.
Buffalo starts its clear up operation after recent blizzards, as residents prepare for flooding.
Authorities in Dongguan city have attempted to eradicate the world's oldest profession, but it still survives.
Recent violence in the holy city finds roots in Israel's policy of 'collective punishment', critics say.
Tosa Maidan in India-administered Kashmir cleared of shells used by army in drills, but victims await compensation.
Mount Nyiragongo is reopening to the public, allowing visitors to climb the peak and see the world's biggest lava lake.
As modern cities evolve at unprecedented speed, do we shape our urban environment or does it shape us?
Palestinian and international artists come together for an art festival to celebrate 'collective creative resistance'.
After 2010 stampede killed nearly 350 people, festival celebrating the end of the rainy season made a raucous return.
Gareth Bright
Almost all of the wall is gone now, but some fear its lessons are at risk of disappearing too as new conflicts emerge.
Gaza's children talk about the loss of the places in which they once felt safe, their small universes - their bedrooms.
Palestinians fear the old stone houses of Lifta, the last deserted pre-1948 Palestinian village, will soon be destroyed.
Thousands of families still in limbo as the Philippines struggles to recover from the devastating typhoon.
Uganda's parliament is debating a tough new narcotics-control bill that critics say would unfairly punish the poor.
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