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In Pictures: Kashmir copes with floods
Volunteers spring up across Srinagar city to help overcome worst flooding in century amid fear of disease outbreak.
While 52 percent of Ethiopia's people have access to improved water, only 10 percent have water piped into their homes.
Al Jazeera visits Multan in Pakistan which has been inundated with floodwaters affecting more than 2.2 million people.
For many the burqa is symbol of women's oppression while others call it assertion of religious or cultural identity.
Salaam Kivu International Film Festival gives the people of war-weary eastern DR Congo a chance to forget their misery.
Beloved Syrian ice cream, shawerma and sweets shops have sprung up across Jordan to the delight of locals.
Remote Humla region suffers from severe food shortage leading to malnutrition as supply of food marred by corruption.
Al Jazeera travels with a special task force to track down oil theft that costs Nigeria billions of dollars.
Death toll still rising as Indian and Pakistani military continue efforts to rescue thousands of those stranded.
Nearly a year after Muslim rebels stormed Zamboanga, more than 64,000 people remain displaced from their homes.
Artists from over 30 countries have transformed a village on the Tunisian island of Djerba into an 'open-air museum'.
Ancient Hindu community that uses otters to catch fish threatened by a sharp decline in stocks caused by pollution.
Children are unable to begin classes as thousands of displaced Iraqis seek shelter in schools across the Kurdish region.
The deadliest terror attack in modern Russia's history led to the deaths of 334 hostages, more than half children.