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In Pictures: Erasing Palestine
Palestinians fear the old stone houses of Lifta, the last deserted pre-1948 Palestinian village, will soon be destroyed.
On the island of Sumbawa, children aged five to nine years old race horses - and often have the scars to show for it.
Thousands of Syrian Kurdish refugees have poured into the country amid an ISIL offensive in Kobani.
Residents of the Wadi Fukin village received eviction notices as Israel plans on further seizing 400 hectares of land.
African migrants in China comprise perhaps two percent of Guangzhou’s 13 million residents but still face difficulties.
Snapshots of lives on the periphery; stories of persistence, determination and a hope for something more.
Rebels held their position in the capital, celebrating their advance while continuing to raid their rivals' buildings.
Photographer Kabir Dhanji revisits the people he met inside Westgate Mall during the attack on September 21, 2013.
What can Marco Polo's epic 13th century travels teach us about relations between East and West - then and now?
More than 500 people have been killed in the contested city, where a shaky ceasefire holds.
Less than a week after the category three storm hit Baja California, Tropical Storm Polo narrowly misses the peninsula.
Plagued by pollution, over-fishing and rapid development along the coast, Lebanon's fishermen struggle to make a living.
Survivors of the disease are often stigmatised after they return to their communities.
Volunteers spring up across Srinagar city to help overcome worst flooding in century amid fear of disease outbreak.