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In Pictures: Manipur's 'custodial killings'
Irom Sharmila's release has once again put focus on extra-judicial deaths at hands of army in northeastern Indian state.
An estimated 1.5 million children living on streets are vulnerable to sexual abuse and drugs on daily basis.
Young men and women are hooked to third-grade heroin mixed with rat poison, detergents and HIV/AIDS medicine.
The Wat Tham Krabok monastery is Thailand's largest free drug rehabilitation facility.
Palestinian shops are removing Israeli products from their shelves to protest Israel's military assault on Gaza.
Human rights groups have condemned the 2013 killings of anti-coup protesters in Cairo as 'a crime against humanity'.
Ineffective governance and the availability of a cheap cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs contribute to a growing crisis.
Kurdish fighters have regained control of Makhmour in northern Iraq from the Islamic State group.
South Africa witnesses what some have described as the biggest protest march since apartheid.
The storm weakened to a tropical storm shortly before making landfall.
A semblance of security is encouraging those who fled violence to return.
Turkish voters are casting their ballots in the country's first directly-elected presidential vote.
Most ethnic Vietnamese cannot buy land so they live in floating villages in Tonle Sap, Southeast Asia's largest lake.
The scope of destruction and devastation is increasing daily after 30 days of Israeli offensive on Gaza.