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In Pictures: Malaria outbreak in Indian state
With more than 100 dead, India's northeastern Tripura state continues to battle outbreak of mosquito-borne disease.
Around 800 people have lost their lives in the Ukrainian conflict since mid-April.
Dozens of Palestinians wounded by Israeli bombings in Gaza are now seeking treatment at East Jerusalem hospitals.
While unexploded land mines still pepper many areas of Lebanon, amputees are rebuilding their lives.
Syrian opposition fighters spent the holy month of Ramadan fasting while fighting regime forces.
Deadly clashes erupt as thousands of Palestinians protest against mounting death toll in Gaza.
Medical facilities are fiercely battling the world's largest outbreak of the deadly disease.
Cuban fighter has built a museum to honour those who took part in the July 26, 1953 attack that marked the revolution.
As Ramadan is observed with religious fervor, preparations to mark last phase have begun in India-administered Kashmir.
Forbes revealed a list of the highest-paid athletes in the world today. Here, we share the top 10 from that list.
The emergency department of Gaza's al-Shifa hospital takes in between 25-50 pregnant women per day.
Mogadishu is making a comeback despite years of violence, corruption, greed and death.
About half a million Hindu devotees visit the Amarnath cave shrine every year, an arduous and often deadly trek.
Medics pulled nearly 68 bodies from the rubble early on Monday, according to Gaza's emergency services.