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Burkina Faso: Ghost of 'Africa's Che Guevara'
In the weeks before violent protests, some Burkinabes' thoughts turned to slain leader Thomas Sankara for inspiration.
Latin American nation of six million has one of the highest rates of sexual violence against girls in the world.
The DMZ, infamously seeded with countless land mines, is the most heavily armed strip of land on Earth.
Despite risks and stigma, healthcare workers in Sierra Leone are urging others to join Ebola's front lines.
Nina Devries
Many artists are using their work to raise social, economic, and political issues in Kosovo post independence.
US Marine arrest puts controversial military deal in the limelight after transgender Filipino found dead in a toilet.
Booming global trade in 50-million-year-old amber stones is lucrative, controversial, and extremely dangerous.
Legendary Native-American High Bird was trained in ancient warrior traditions, which he employed in World War II.
Mary Hudetz
In Semyonivka, where the Ukraine army is blamed for razing the village, any voting can be seen as a win for democracy.
Hounded opposition figure says he's hoping for the best at sodomy appeal but prepared to return to prison.
On the US-Mexico border, volunteer military, law enforcement and security contractors observe and report activity.
Tim Gaynor
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