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Cracking down on Nairobi's Somalis
Al Jazeera investigation uncovers allegations of beatings and rape in Kenya's ongoing anti-terrorism operation.
Incumbent Joyce Banda has a narrow lead, but anything is possible in Malawi's May 20 elections.
Western fighters have streamed into the Middle East to help 'liberate' Arab countries such as Syria and Libya.
Grass-roots campaigns for female candidates are making an impact in India's first nationwide elections since 2009.
Al Jazeera America
The Pakistani government is proposing reform of the nation's madrassas, which are accused of fostering terrorism.
Libya has seen a blossoming of media outlets, but the media landscape is as polarised as the politics on the streets.
David Cameron talks of UK as 'Christian country' while under fire from church leaders over skyrocketing food poverty.
Weaving and handicrafts are being re-taught to a younger generation of Iraqi Kurds, but not without challenges.
Critics say unregulated spending on India's elections is subverting the vote.
As nuclear age approaches eighth decade, visitors flock to historic bomb craters at New Mexico test sites.
Tim Gaynor
Displaced Muslim Rohingya do not have adequate access to healthcare or clean water.
News Bulletin
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