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Sharks face extinction in Arab seas
Oman, a major supplier of fins to Asian countries, witnesses falling shark numbers.
Last Modified: 16 Mar 2010 09:38 GMT
Wildlife park accused of starving animals to use parts in traditional medicine.
Private zoos flouting laws banning trade in endangered species.
The smuggling of protected wildlife into the US is a multi-billion dollar trade.
Authorities say they are succeeding against the illegal smuggling of exotic animals.
Encounters between giant lizards and humans lead to increased number of attacks.
Despite tough laws, not a single trafficker has served any time behind bars in the country.
Italian jewellery makers fear regulation on coral harvesting will damage business.
Despite moves to protect it the "delicacy" can still be found in Muscat's market.
Are wholesale trade bans the best way to protect our species?
UN body denies bids by Tanzania and Zambia to offload ivory stockpiles in one-off sale.
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