Volcano Chaos
Icelandic volcano eruption 'ending'
Activity that caused European airspace's costly shutdown may be over, experts say.
The world is not flat
Why Iceland's volcanic eruption showed us that some concepts of a globalised world are a myth.
Revenue lost due to grounded flights estimated at $1.7bn as air traffic returns to normal.
Passengers went online for help amid travel chaos, with some creative results.
Viewers have been sharing how they have been affected by ash from Iceland's volcano.
List of countries with flight disruptions and airspace closures due to ash cloud.
Most people seem pretty stoic in the face of the long queues.
Stranded news editor dares to hope of returning home days after UK airspace closure.
Sarah Kern, stranded in Malaga, Spain
Grounded flights costs airlines millions of dollars just as fortunes were looking up.
Al Jazeera looks at the threat to aircraft and the dangers to humans posed by the Icelandic eruption.
One stranded news editor reflects on being stuck in the story.
Sarah Kern, stranded in Malaga, Spain
No-fly zone lifted in Netherlands and most of UK after closures due to volcanic ash.
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