US Elections 2008
Obama attacked for old guard picks
Critics say US president-elect's choices indicate little "change".
Last Modified: 01 Dec 2008 12:51 GMT
Will a new US administration repair relations with its southern neighbours?
Will Stebbins, bureau chief for the Americas
A look at some of the people who could shape policy in the Obama administration.
Barnaby Phillips finds concern about the president-elect in a rural part of the US.
Barnaby Phillips in Galion, Ohio
A poor and marginalised people find hope in a US president of African origin.
Gabriel Elizondo in Salvador, Brazil
Al Jazeera's regular analysis of the transition to Obama's presidency.
African-Americans from a deprived area of Washington DC speak out.
Rob Winder in Washington DC
Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds assesses the challenges facing US president Barack Obama.
Rob Reynolds, Senior Washington Correspondent
Mexicans speak out on what they think an Obama presidency should focus on.
Obama faces high expectations from Chicago's South Side.
Sarah Brown in Chicago, Illinois
Ex-UK ambassador to US, economics professor and Republican on the new president.
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