Hurricane Katrina brought disaster to the front rooms of the western world. However, it was not the hurricane which caused the greatest human damage on America's Gulf coast, but the overwhelmed public services.

The inability of the richest nation in the world to evacuate the poorest in the affected communities was highlighted to the world. What were also on display were the US's inequalities, racism and broken political system.

Hosted by Avi Lewis, this week's Inside USA: New Orleans looks at how these issues are playing out in the swing state of Louisiana in the middle of a dramatic presidential campaign.

Inside USA is a new weekly programme taking an in-depth look at the real issues at stake in the US presidential election. Lewis will strip away the spin, and highlight real issues such as poverty, violence, race, health, and immigration.

The series will study the potential implications the US election will have for billions worldwide, getting the reactions from Baghdad to Beijing.

Lewis is one of Canada's most controversial and eloquent media personalities, previously working as a documentary film-maker and hosting programmes on Canada's CBC. 

Inside USA airs at the following times GMT:

Saturday 23 Feb: 0130, 1130, 2330
Sunday 24 Feb:   0630, 1900
Monday 25 Feb:   0730

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