EU leaders urge Turkish reform
UK foreign secretary says a "stable" Turkey is in EU's interest after AK party's win.
Last Modified: 23 Jul 2007 18:27 GMT
Sarkozy suggests "privileged partnership" for Turkey instead of full EU membership.
Kirsty Hughes in Brussels
Twenty-four pro-Kurdish candidates elected - the first in more than a decade.
A "controversial" presidential candidate, shows Turkish satire is alive and well.
Jonathan Gorvett, in Istanbul, Turkey
Al Jazeera asks Istanbul's youth what they expect from the country's new government.
Jody Sabral in Istanbul
Sunday's vote for a new parliament is seen as the most important in years.
While the Turkish founder died seven decades ago, his memory is very much alive.
The country's ethnic minority hopes elections will bring more freedom.
To serve in the army is an honour in Turkey, but those who refuse meet persecution.
Independent parliamentary candidate shot dead in Istanbul before July 22 elections.
Opposition fears religious conservatism gaining the upper hand.
Barnaby Phillips, Denizli, western Turkey
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