The Berlin Wall
Divide remains as Berlin celebrates
Twenty years later, socio-economic disparities overshadow German reunification.
Last Modified: 13 Nov 2009 05:14 GMT
When Guenter Schabowski announced the lifting of travel restrictions, he was shocked by the reaction.
Donata von Hardenberg
East German woman explains why she was disappointed when the Wall came down.
David Chater in Dresden
A look at ten of the most dramatic escapes.
Donata von Hardenberg
The fall of the Berlin Wall carved out a new political reality in the Middle East.
Ali Younes
Al Jazeera meets the Communist migrant workers who lost out when the Berlin Wall fell.
Barnaby Phillips
The former Stasi officer made history when he disobeyed orders and opened his border gate.
David Wroe in Berlin
The fist to cross from East to West, Siegbert Schefke struggles to forgive former GDR officials.
David Wroe in Berlin
Al Jazeera's David Chater recalls Berlin before - and after - fall of Communism.
David Chater in Leipzig, Germany
When she left the East, Arlette Riedel had to promise never to contact her family again.
David Wroe in Berlin
Civil rights campaigner says there has never been a true reckoning of the GDR's crimes.
David Wroe in Berlin
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