Sudan Election
Sudan president wins re-election
Bashir retains presidency after polls boycotted by main opposition parties.
Last Modified: 27 Apr 2010 05:46 GMT
President's National Congress Party and main southern party agree to accept results.
One election observer says Sudan's vote must be judged by local standards.
Political leader criticises poll, but calls on Sudanese to 'accept reality and move forward'.
Fatma Naib in Khartoum
Ruling party offers key positions to opposition after polls to build consensus.
We have a look at figures in the elections that are going on despite much criticism.
Many Sudanese fear elections will just serve to embolden Omar al-Bashir, author says.
Sean Brooks
Mary Boyoi never dreamt of running in Sudan's election, until she found herself in it.
Pete Muller in Juba, southern Sudan
Despite challenges, female candidates stress importance of their presence in political arena.
Fatma Naib in Khartoum
Al Jazeera speaks to a cross-section of people and hears their views for and against the polls.
Fatma Naib in Khartoum
As Sudan awaits the election results, we focus on the Sudanese Copts.
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