Out of Work
Mapping job losses worldwide
Charting the ripples of the global financial meltdown.
Last Modified: 23 May 2009 13:46 GMT
The Mediterranean city turns to pomp and pageantry in times of economic insecurity.
Matthias Krug in Valencia
Many Lebanese expatriates who left the Gulf find a tougher job market back home.
Brooke Anderson in Beirut
Once considered an economic success story in Europe, it has seen its hopes overturned.
Alan Fisher in Mioveni, Romania
Business expert says economic crisis calls for new approaches to gender equality.
Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, gender and economics expert
Historian says materialism and individualism fuelled current economic crisis.
As unemployment rises, many in the US line up to meet with potential employers.
Adla Massoud in New York
ILO chief tells Al Jazeera migrant workers to be among hardest hit by economic crisis.
The arts and marketing industries are bearing the brunt of Germany's downturn.
David Wroe in Berlin
With unemployment likely to increase, Cairo's street economy flourishes.
Doha Al Zohairy in Cairo
Decline in energy and metal prices signal a sharp economic downturn for the continent.
Tony Hawkins
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