Morocco Elections 2007
Moroccan nationalists in poll win
Opposition accuses unnamed rivals of buying votes to get ahead in elections.
Last Modified: 09 Sep 2007 11:15 GMT
The plight of street children does not feature in any political party's programme.
Ahmed El Amraoui in Mdiq, northern Morocco
Explore the issues facing the North African kingdom in a series of reports.
Fifteen million eligible voters set to cast their ballot in the September 7 polls.
The village of Anfgou is far from the modern image of the country touted by Rabat.
Istiqlal, a member of the outgoing government, dashes Islamic party's ambitions.
Activists acknowledge improvements but say enforcement is another matter.
Ahmed El Amraoui in Rabat
More than 30 political parties spanning the full ideological spectrum in the fray.
Ahmed El Amraoui in Rabat
The Islamic party has pledged to fight corruption and create jobs.
Group's leader says vote will entrench the establishment and not help the masses.
Islamic party set to make gains in election marked by lowest ever voter turnout.
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