Lebanon bids farewell to general
Thousands pay respects to Francois al-Hajj as Sarkozy warns of a "last chance".
Last Modified: 15 Dec 2007 02:50 GMT
Following is a list of the main politically motivated attacks in the polarised country.
Young recruit tells Al Jazeera what makes the Lebanese movement popular.
Zeina Awad
Beirut residents hope for speedy resolution to the country's political impasse.
Andrew Coombes in Beirut
Al Jazeera profiles some of the major players in the political crisis.
Since the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1559 last year, calling for Lebanese and non-Lebanese militia to disband, pressure on Hizb Allah to disarm has mounted.
Cilina Nasser
Lebanon is still sharply divided as government and opposition vie for power.
Damascus has an influence in its neighbour's affairs dating back to the civil war.
Al Jazeera looks at Washington's changing attitude towards providing military aid.
Adla Massoud in New York
Opinions differ over whether a federalist system will help to bridge sectarian gulf.
Maria Abi-Habib in Beirut
Hezbollah's resistance one year ago forces the military to ask questions of itself.
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