Israel Votes
Vote tally confirms Livni win
The results leave Kadima and Likud to clash over the right to head the next government.
Last Modified: 13 Feb 2009 04:50 GMT
Netanyahu's Likud still hopeful of forming government as right-wing makes gains.
Alex Sehmer in Tel Aviv
Israeli elections sharpen focus on divide between Jews and Arabs in mixed towns.
Alex Sehmer in Ramle
Israel's mistrust of its Palestinian citizens raises questions over their future.
Ahmed El Amraoui
Arab parties debate whether to participate in Israel's upcoming elections.
Alex Sehmer, in Jerusalem
More than two million Israelis are eligible to vote in next week's close-run poll.
Alex Sehmer in Jerusalem
Al Jazeera takes a look at the Israeli electoral system.
Palestinians do not expect Israeli elections to change their life under occupation.
General election after Gaza war set to be one of the most keenly-fought in years.
Whichever party wins will have to turn to other factions to form a coalition.
Gaza offensive expected to affect adversely Palestinian participiation in the Israeli vote.
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