Iraq Searching for Solutions
Patrolling the streets of Baghdad
US hopes that Iraqi forces can take over security in the country may be premature.
Last Modified: 14 Sep 2007 12:13 GMT
Iraq's Shias find support in Iran despite US claims it is fomenting unrest.
US troops still killing innocent civilians in hunt for insurgents say residents.
James Bays in Baghdad
Local leaders in al-Anbar want security but feel US presence causes conflict.
Maher Al-Jasem in Ramadi, Iraq
Al Jazeera analyst Marwan Bishara looks at the Bush administration's Iraq strategy.
The Petraeus testimony underlines the similarities between Iraq and Vietnam.
Russell Merryman
Al Jazeera answers the basic questions about the upcoming US assessment on Iraq.
Al Jazeera looks at the Petraeus report's key players and their influence on Iraq.
Al Jazeera asks experts and politicians how they would resolve the Iraq conflict.
Al Jazeera examines whether a US troop pull-out could lead to the break-up of Iraq.
Adla Massoud in New York
Al Jazeera examines the armed groups in the country and the influence they wield.
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