India Elections
Tainted MPs on the rise in India
Almost a third of newly elected MPs face criminal charges.
Last Modified: 24 May 2009 10:55 GMT
Prime minister Manmohan Singh expands his cabinet at ceremony in New Delhi.
Pranab Mukherjee to head key finance ministry in new Indian government.
Cabinet picks yet to be assigned posts as Manmohan Singh takes oath for five-year term.
Answers to common questions about elections in the world's largest democracy.
A chronology of important events in the history of independent India.
Scenes from across India as country of 1.3 billion people elect new parliament.
Al Jazeera follows a candidate in India's general elections for a day.
The new Indian government will have much work to do to meet the needs of its people.
Barnaby Phillips in Punjab
Sunitha Choudhury spreads her campaign message of helping the poor from her rickshaw.
Amrit Dhillon in New Delhi
The plight of Sri Lanka's Tamils has become an emotive election issue in southern India.
Amrit Dhillon in New Delhi
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