Human Rights Focus
Human rights groups call on government to respect rights of opposition leaders after series of arrests for dissent.
Former prisoners say that mistreatment has continued in a "secret" prison on the site of the Bagram military base.
Andrew Wander
Detained activists accused of conspiring against the Gulf state's government in run-up to parliamentary polls.
Liu Xia seeks help via Twitter as China puts her under house arrest after husband's Nobel prize win.
Prince al Saud admitted manslaughter but denied murdering his servant as CCTV footage shows an attack against victim.
ICC overturns lower court's earlier decision to free Thomas Lubanga and halt his war crimes trial.
In Depth: Press Freedom
How much of an effect has online activism had on politics in the Middle East?
Jordanian script-writer talks about women in the workforce and honour killings.
Workshop on freedom of speech deplores culture of censorship in the region.
Fatma Riahi, known as Arabicca, held by police and denied access to lawyer, sources say.
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