Global Flu
Europe sees first H1N1 flu death
Patient with "underlying health conditions" dies in Scotland.
Last Modified: 15 Jun 2009 05:50 GMT
World Health Organisation makes declaration after emergency meeting in Geneva.
Woman carrying the virus had visited the United States, health minister says.
Officials move to quarantine cruise liner as infections nationwide soar to 103.
Eighteen US soldiers test positive for flu virus as they transit through Gulf state.
Japan reports 154 new cases as World Health Organisation warns of "calm before storm".
Aussie captain Darren Lockyer and Queensland state squad quarantined with H1N1.
Health officials stress that a pandemic refers to geographical reach, not severity.
Virus likely to continue rapid spread across globe, World Health Organisation warns.
Flu spreads to Finland, Thailand and Cuba as WHO defends its response to outbreak.
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