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Copenhagen: A lesson in geopolitics
Climate talks were paralysed by the growing chasm between rich and poor countries.
Last Modified: 20 Dec 2009 10:52 GMT
Some delegates hail deal as a step forward, but it seems like only a small step.
Alan Fisher in Copenhagen
Key points of the pact agreed at the climate summit in Copenhagen.
Economic giants clash over climate change, but many wonder if global warming is real.
Joanna Kakissis
Disputed territory faces challenges as impact of climate change begins to take its toll.
Rebecca Byerly in Srinagar
Alan Fisher reports on mounting frustration at Copenhagen climate talks.
Alan Fisher in Copenhagen
Alan Fisher examines the areas of dispute threatening to undermine Copenhagen talks.
Alan Fisher in Copenhagen
A town in Devon, England, braces itself for the potential impact of climate change.
Emma Hayward
Thousands of fish perish as drought dries up the Amazon's Manaquiri River.
Gabriel Elizondo in Manaquiri, Brazil
Despite raging fires and drought, Australia appears to be shunning action on emissions.
Climate summit delegates try to get back to work but leaked text continues to dominate.
Alan Fisher in Copenhagen, Denmark
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