Afghanistan War Diary
Portrait of an occupied country
Leaked reports show the depth of foreign involvement and influence in Afghanistan.
Last Modified: 01 Aug 2010 05:20 GMT
Animation by Shujaat Ali examines the latest WikiLeaks controversy.
Shujaat Ali
A look at the commotion caused by the latest leak and how this one differs from the rest.
Leaked documents offer gloomy insight into Afghan war but largely confirm public narrative.
Inside the guarded, sometimes paranoid world of WikiLeaks.
Andrew Fowler
Former head of Pakistan's intelligency agency says US accusations exposed by Wikileaks are "flawed".
US criticises Wikileaks' release of thousands of classified documents on war.
State department says leaked material "does not necessarily represent" current situation.
Leaked documents suggest that number of civilian deaths is severely underreported.
Content of leaked reports less damaging than what they reveal about failure to keep secrets.
Wikileak documents underline slow deterioration of security in eastern provinces.
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